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Academic Competitions

As part of Galston High School’s commitment to academic excellence, all students have the opportunity to participate in a number of academic competitions throughout the year. These competitions will access a number of key learning areas and will be an extension of each student’s program of study. It is expected that students in 7H and 8H will take part in all of the competitions.

Competition (Year Levels) - Sitting date       

ICAS: Science (7-12) - 17/08 – 21/08/2020
ICAS: English (7-12) - 24/08 - 28/08/2020
ICAS: Digital Technologies (7-10) - 24/08 – 28/08/2020
Australian Mathematics Competition (7-12) - 30/07/2020
Australian History Competition (7-10) - 1/06/2020 – 1/04/2020
Australian Geography Competition (7-10) - 18/03 – 1/04/2020

There are three significant reasons for students to enter each event.

Firstly, it will provide an academic challenge for students to see how they compare with others from government and non-government schools Australia wide. All students are recognised for their efforts with results graded from participation through to High Distinction and medals for the top performing students. Each student will receive a certificate with their results which will be an excellent addition to their Curriculum Vitae, demonstrating their willingness and capacity to challenge themselves academically.

Secondly, each student and the school will receive a confidential analysis of the results which is an excellent diagnostic tool for students and teachers to identify strengths and weaknesses in each subject. The results of the tests provide data that is subject specific and that cannot always be obtained from analysis of NAPLAN results. Students who compete in subsequent years will gain the benefit of seeing their skills develop and knowing if their strategies for improvement have been beneficial.  

Competition level awarded in each subject/House Points allocated
Participation = 2
Credit/merit = 4
Distinction = 6
High Distinction = 8
Top 1-3% = 10

Finally, each student will be contributing to the house point’s competition for every academic competition completed. Points allocated are based on the level of achievement reached in each competition. The table below summarises the point allocation.

Each competition takes 1 period to complete and will be held at school during each subject’s timetabled periods where possible. All of the competitions are open to students from Year 7-10 with three available for senior students. A nomination form can be downloaded here and includes competition subject areas, cost and date to be held.

If you wish your child to take part in some or all of the competitions please tick your selection of events, sign the consent form and return with payment to the school finance office prior to 21st February 2020 in order to secure your child’s enrolment.

If you have any further questions please contact Chris Lanske (HPGE Coordinator/HT Student Engagement).

NOTE 1: Exact dates for assessments will depend on available periods of supervising staff. Students will be notified prior to competition sitting days and periods.

NOTE 2: 7H scholarship students will receive automatic entry into all competitions as part of their scholarship.