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What is Grammarly?

Grammarly’s is an online writing assistance and plagiarism tool that encourages polished grammar, better overall wordsmithing, and a professional writing style. It is an advanced grammar and spelling check, offering feedback to students on issues with their writing and how to address the problems.

What subjects do I use Grammarly for?

Galston High School provides free access to Grammarly for all students, Years 7-12. Grammarly is used for all subjects that require polished writing in class work and assessment tasks.

To get the most out of Grammarly, be sure to utilise the additional features that allow using Grammarly when writing in Microsoft Word, in Internet browsers, in emails, and on the desktop.

How do I log in to Grammarly?

Every Year 7-12 student has a Grammarly account and should already have been sent an email invite to activate it. Students should check their DoE email for this invite.

Their username is their school email address (i.e. “john.smith” and their password is user-set. If students have lost or forgotten their password, they can reset it via the link below:

How do I use Grammarly?

MS Office plug-in

The MS Office plug-in conveniently adds Grammarly to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. When creating a document, Grammarly will appear on the right-hand side and provide suggestions, similar to the online editor. Please note Grammarly does not offer an add-in for MS Word or Pages for macOS users.

Desktop App

The desktop app can be placed on your computer as a shortcut on your desktop to provide a quick and easy way to access Grammarly. Its usage is identical to the online editor.

Browser extensions

Chrome Extension

Safari Extension

Firefox Extension

Edge Extension

The browser extensions allow Grammarly to check writing entered in text boxes within a web browser, including the Gmail compose box.