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Student Leadership

Learning to lead, leading to learn

At Galston High School, students are encouraged and supported to become active leaders in their school and wider community. GHS offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities that develop the interests, strengths and talents of students, ensuring every student has an opportunity become a leader.


The Prefects are the face of the school. The role of the Prefects is to represent the school in formal events, the local community, the Galston Community of Schools and beyond.

Student Representative Council

The SRC are the conscience of the school. The role of the SRC is to advocate for the student body. This includes initiating projects that enhance student wellbeing, raising funds to support these projects and supporting charitable causes in the the Galston High School community and beyond.

House Leaders

The House Leaders are the spirit of the school. The role of House Leaders is to enhance school and house spirit by creating a culture of positive engagement with school life that celebrates effort, competition and success.

Student Librarians

The SRC are the mind of the school. The role of the Student Librarians is to make the Library a dynamic centre of learning within the school and promote a culture of literacy and intellectual pursuit across Galston High School.

Student Welfare Team

The Student Welfare Team are the heart of the school. The role of the Student Welfare Team is to support learning by connecting students with their school and each other to create a healthy and nurturing learning environment.

Farm Team

The Farm Team are the hands of the school. The role of the Farm Team is to promote agriculture and develop the farm as a rich and sustainable learning environment for the whole school community.