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Parents and citizens association

Galston High School parents and citizens association (P&C) is a non-profit organisation based on the protocols and procedures outlined by the P&C association of NSW.

The P&C relies on funding from the voluntary school contributions by parents as well as public grants available to volunteer groups.

All decisions made by the P&C are discussed at formal meetings and voted upon, as per P&C association guidelines. Funding of initiatives is primarily targeted towards enhancing the education of the students at Galston High School. This may take the form of purchasing resources, equipment, sponsorship of extra-curricular activities and implementation of school programs.

P&C meetings

Galston High School P&C meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month during the school term. Our meetings are held in the Waddell learning centre at 7:30pm. The learning centre is located in the school. Follow the central walkway and turn right at the first opportunity.

All members of the school community are welcome, and are invited to attend and participate in our discussions and planning.

P&C support

Our support for the school community does not involve any fundraising; significant financial support for the school is made possible through the P&C administration of the school canteen and uniform shop. All profits from both these services are returned to the school to benefit the students. Utilising paid managers for these two operations mean we depend upon parent and carer volunteers to help both shops.

The P&C holds an annual social evening, ‘Chatter Over a Platter', just after our annual general meeting in March each year. We also provide a breakfast BBQ for the new Year 7 students and their parents on the first day of school at the start of the new year.

Galston High School's commitment to empowering every student so that they are able to have an active voice in the school community is one of the core beliefs that makes Galston High an outstanding school.

P&C social committee

The social committee is a sub-committee of the school's P&C. During the year, the social committee organises social occasions in the school calendar with the support of the P&C and its members. Social occassions include the welcome Year 7 breakfast BBQ which occurs on the first school day of the year, manning the canteen at night time functions and the infamous adult only social night for parents and carers, the 'Chatter Over a Platter' evening held at the end of March each year.

For more information on Galston High School's P&C commitee, email us at or by leaving a message with the school office on 02 9651 2222.