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Year 12 students Return to School (from 16 Aug)

Year 12 Timetables for 'Learning from Home' will to change to provide an improved way to learn from home, as well as accommodate NSW Health and NSW Department of Education guidelines for Year 12 accessing school site for necessary curriculum completion. 

Updated timetables will be effective from Monday 30th August until Friday 17th September 2021 - click here to download timetables. After this date, we will post weekly updated onsite timetables to accommodate student work requirements and advice as we know it. Students who can be on school site have been notified and it is specified the locations they can be in on the timetables.

Students who have been allocated time onsite have been contacted and can attend ONLY in allocated times. Timetables are:

Year 12 Offsite Weeks 8, 9 & 10 student timetable This timetable is to be used by all students as they continue to learn from home.

Yr 12 Onsite Week 8, 9 & 10 student timetable This timetable is only for students with major projects and practical work who have been allocated time onsite as part of their mandatory curriculum. Class teachers will also notify students of their allocated time via Edmodo/email.

Covid safe plan for the return of Year 12 - effective Monday 16th August 2021

As per the NSW Health and NSW Department of Education, the Covid safe plan that Year 12 students must adhere to when on school site is:

Students are required to be in full school uniform for the purpose of identification.

Mandatory face mask wearing at all times - in and outside of the classroom

Upon arrival to school students are to move directly to the allocated rooms and sign on upon arrival and sign off when they leave.

Students should arrive at their allocation time, no earlier.

For the purposes of contact tracing, students cannot be moving to different locations in the school. They are to remain in the designated area where they are timetabled.

Students are to leave school site immediately at the completion of their lesson.

Students are to maintain physical distancing 1.5 metres apart in the learning spaces and on school site.

Students who are unwell cannot attend school site. Parents / carers will be contacted if a student arrives to school unwell to collect them.

Students need to follow good hygiene practices:

Regularly washing hands

Hand sanitiser - hand sanitiser and soap is available in the toilets and in learning spaces. Students are encouraged to have their own as well.

Avoiding sharing drinks or food.

Coughing or sneezing into your elbow, or a tissue which should be discarded immediately.

Travel to school needs to be independent - no carpooling as this is against the advice of NSW Health orders.

Learning from Home Years 7-11 (Mon 30 Aug - Fri 17 Sep)

Learning from Home will continue for Years 7 to 11 until the end of term. 

The current advice from NSW Health and NSW Department of Education for 'Parents must keep children - of all ages, across primary and secondary schooling and early childcare - home if they can. Students will be supported to learn from home'. 

New Timetables for Years 7 to 11

To accommodate changes to Year 12 learning needed from Monday 16th August, Years 7 to 11 timetables have been changed. Click here to download timetables.

Years 7-11 timetables have changed to include longer blocks of time and fewer subjects on each day. This is in response to feedback from families and staff and to simplify and streamline the school day in the Learning from Home environment.

We have also built in breaks for our Year 11 students, as included in the Year 7-10 timetable, to support the wellbeing of our students and to replicate a normal school day where students would move between classes each period.

Learning from Home reminders

Students should contact their teachers through Edmodo or email if they need clarification on work.

Live-streamed lessons may be conducted by faculties. Students need to be checking Edmodo for when these will occur. These lessons will not be recorded.

Staff will respond to your enquiries in relation to your learning between 9am and 3pm Monday to Friday.

Questions asked about educational and e-learning platforms may take up to 48 hours to receive a response from teachers.

If students are finding it difficult to meet assignment/work deadlines, please contact the class teacher.

Non-completion/submission of work will indicate that students are not engaged in learning and as such students will be marked as being absent from school - can jeopardise achievement of the Year 7-10 RoSA.

Teachers on learning platforms will be clearly identifying activities that are essential or optional. 

  • Essential - Class work or assignment / assessment that must be completed.
  • Optional - Students can choose to completework-enhances concepts and encourages students to develop their knowledge/skills.

Parents should not feel that they need to be 'the teacher in the room'. Students need to do what they would normally do at school and that is to seek assistance from their class teachers. There is also a dedicated team of teachers in our Learning Support Team available to assist students with additional learning needs.

Parents and students in the Hub will have a separate communication provided to them by their class teacher in relation to Learning from Home from Monday 16th August 2021.

Resources to support online learning can be found here: Online Learning @ GHS



During learning from home, if you're having difficulty and the added pressure of now being a teacher to your child/children, please remember: 

You don't need to replicate the school experience. 
Don't try to be your child's classroom teacher. 
Just keep being the teacher you already are. 
Teachers trained for years to teach the way they do, just as you trained for years to teach the way you do. 
Teachers couldn't do your job overnight, so don't expect yourself to be able to do a teacher's job either. 
Read with your child. 
Cook with your child. 
Garden with your child. 
Paint with your child. 
Get outside for a walk or kick a ball with your child. 
Make and create things with your child. 
Sing and dance with your child. 

And above all, keep being the kind, calm role model your child needs through this challenging time. 

This is how you teach. 

Keep doing you. Your child is learning from you every single day. 

If you or any member of your family need help please reach out to the school or the following professional mental health services: 

Kids Helpline 1800 55 1800 or chat online at 

Beyond Blue 1300 224 636 or chat online at 

Headspace 1800 650 890 or chat online at 

Lifeline 13 11 14 or chat online at 

SANE 1800 187 263 or chat online at

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