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What is WordFlyers?

WordFlyers is an online literacy program designed to strengthen the literacy skills required for students to thrive in the secondary classroom. It offers individualised learning pathways, built around the sequential teaching of core literacy skills, continuously guide your students, engaging them in deep learning. WordFlyers focuses student learning on the development of critical literacy skills – vocabulary, spelling, punctuation, grammar, writing and reading comprehension.

What subjects do I use WordFlyers for?

Galston High School provides free access to WordFlyers for all Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students. WordFlyers is Used in English, with one lesson per fortnight devoted to completing WordFlyers activities in class. WordFlyers all forms part of every English students 30/30 homework routine, with students expected to complete at least 30 minutes of online study using the resource at home each week.

How do I log in to WordFlyers?

Every Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 student has a WordFlyers account and has a teacher-issued password (students should have recorded this in their diaries).

Their username is their school email address (i.e. “john.smith” If students have lost or forgotten their password, they must contact their class teacher to retrieve or reset their password.

How do I use WordFlyers?

See the WordFlyers FAQ link below for information on using the resource.